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  • Albie


    Albie is a paw-fect panda made from the softest and thickest plush you can imagine! This makes him perfect for all those cuddles.  He is fully jointed and loves wearing his stripey scarf to keep him snug and warm all year round. Make sure that you...
  • Andrea


    Andrea is a bear-illiant new arrival at the Cubhouse! She was beary excited to join her bear friends Gillian and Nadine, and find her fur-ever hug.   Recommended for ages 3 years + Bear height: 38cm/15in/13 Bear Paws
  • Aneta


    Meet Aneta, our bear-utiful panda created from long silky plush in pretty pink and cream shades. Recommended for ages 3 years + Bear height: 38cm/15in/13 Bear Paws
  • Anita


    This bear-utiful bear is Anita. She is part of the 2023 Plush Collection and has been created using a magical mix of pink and blue. Anita is wearing an oversized organza bow around her neck that includes a thin blue ribbon threaded through the middle of...
  • Annette-CB232301B.jpg


    Annette is a bear-utiful panda from our plush collection. She is created using luxurious, long plush in pretty pink shades. Annette wears a stunning bow which adds to her beauty.   Recommended for ages over 3 years. Bear Height: 60cm/ 23.5"/ 20...
  • Annie Versary

    Annie Versary

    Annie Versary is a paw-some panda made of luxurious plush fur in rich creams and browns. She wears a pretty bow and would love to add a little class to your hug! Recommended for ages over 3 years. Bear Height: 48cm/ 19"/ 16 Bear Paws
  • Apple Blossom

    Apple Blossom

    Apple Blossom is an a-paw-able bunny who is part of our Secret Collection. He has poseable ears so you can play with her as well as give her lots of cuddles. Also check out the paw-some neckerchief that Apple Blossom wears around his neck...
  • Avalon


    Avalon is a brand-new bear-utiful bear who is part of our 2024 Plush Collection as well as our Far, Far and Away Mini Series this year. Avalon is fully jointed, made from super-soft synthetic plush and is suitable for every collector aged from 3 years...
  • Avril-CB232341A.jpg


    Avril is a bear-utiful bear with shades of blue fur against her white face.  Her super soft fur is like touching the clouds in the sky.     Recommended for ages over 3 years. Bear Height: 38cm/ 15"/ 13 Bear Paws
  • Babs


    Babs is a gorgeous little plush bear bursting with deep purple colour who would love to join your hug. Recommended for ages 3 years +. Bear height: 25cm/10"/8 Bear Paws.
  • Baby Sister

    Baby Sister

    Baby Sister is such a sweet bear.  Her long fur is a bear-utiful mix of cream, pink and purple making her the paw-fect cuddle bear! Recommended for ages 3 years + Bear height: 58cm/23in/19 Bear Paws
  • Bae


    Our paw-some panda's name means "before anyone else" so will Bae choose you before anyone else? Bae is created from bear-utiful long pile plush fur in soft pastel shades with a pretty bow and heart pendant. Recommended for ages over 3 years. Bear...
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