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  • Dormouse


    Introducing our fur-tastic new addition to our Signature Collection, Dormouse. Inspired by the magical Alice in Wonderland tales, Dormouse is handcrafted with short pile plush fur, a luxury coat, and delicate airbrushed features. Dormouse is limited to...
  • Tolkien


    Meet Tolkien from our popular Isabelle Collection, inspired by the famous writer. This stunning panda bear is made with soft mohair and alpaca fur in traditional teddy bear browns.
  • Serendipity


    Our little clown, Serendipity, is a stunning addition to anyone's hug with bear-utiful blue plush and cream detailing. Look out for Lady Luck and Happenstance for the complete trio. Serendipity is limited to just 200 worldwide!
  • Lady Luck

    Lady Luck

    Lady Luck is a new addition to our Isabelle Collection trio of clowns, alongside Happenstance and Serendipity. Made with paw-geous pink plush and cream crochet lace detailing, this bear is simply irresistible. Lady Luck is a limited edition with only 200...
  • Kennedy


    This delightful panda bear has been created using the finest Schulte mohair and alpaca in tipped blends of whites, greys and autumnal browns. He has oversized sculptured paw pads, with tickly toe detailing and has deep set glass eyes, a hand embroidered...
  • Burnett


    Recommended for ages 14 years +
  • Vanilla Pudding

    Vanilla Pudding

    Vanilla Pudding is a charming bear with a giggling expression, sculpted paw pads, and a cosy scarf. With soft plush and alpaca fur, this bear is bear-illiant for cuddles!
  • Fang


    This year’s Bearhouse Collection characters have all been inspired by animals which are now extinct. Our roar-some sabre tooth tiger, Fang, is made with soft, short pile plush fur and the paw-fect companion!
  • Gingerbread Cookie

    Gingerbread Cookie

    Are you looking for a guilt-free yet scrumptious treat? Then Gingerbread Cookie is the pawfect bear for you! With the finest plush fur in warming browns and yummy creams, this bear is filled with winter spices! Gingerbread Cookie is simply irresistible...
  • Mardi Gras

    Mardi Gras

    Meet the bear that lives life to the full! Mardi Gras is full of character with vibrant pink and navy blue plush fur, and not one but two matching bows! 
  • Grumbles


    Don't let his name fool you, Grumbles is a loveable bear and a big softy! He boasts dark grey plush fur tipped bear-utifully with a lighter tone and wears a silvery white organza bow. With his heart-melting gaze and sculpted paw pads, how can you resist...
  • Winter Moon

    Winter Moon

    Limited edition of only 300 pieces globally
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